RUSSIA: Published shorter list of professions where the use of female workers is prohibited

As of 1 January 2022, employers will be able to use female workers in a number of positions that were previously prohibited for such workers.

In particular, the restrictions were removed for works in boiler houses, cold stamping, drawing and pressing works, works on installation and maintenance of technological equipment, repair of oilfield equipment, with the exception of several professions.


Also, excluded from the list are works performed by an aviation mechanic (technician) for airframe and engines, an aviation mechanic (technician) for instruments and electrical equipment, an aviation mechanic (technician) for radio equipment, an aviation technician (mechanic) for parachute and emergency rescue equipment, an aviation technician for fuels and lubricants, a wing technician, an engineer engaged directly in the maintenance of aircraft (helicopters).

The order is valid until March 1, 2028, and by that date it will be reviewed again.

Law: Order No. 313n of 13 May 2021 on Amending Order No. 512n of 18 July 2019 on the List of Processes, Positions and Jobs with Harmful and/or Hazardous Conditions where the Use of Female Workers is Prohibited