Russia: Updated Environmental Pollution Fee Rates

As of 2021 organisations that operate stationary emission sources and/or discharge wastewater into water bodies and/or generate wastes and perform waste disposal operations are required to pay environmental pollution fees subject to the revised rates.

As of 2021, the environmental pollution fee rates are to be paid following the respective rates set for 2018 by Decree 913 of 13 September 2016 with the application of the coefficient that is equal 1.08.

The examples of the environmental pollution fees that have been set by Decree No. 913 for 2018 (without the application of the 1.08 coefficient that is applicable for 2021 rates) are the following: 

1. Emission of polluting substances by stationary sources 

    • nitrogen dioxide – RUB 138.8 per one tonne;

    • nitrogen oxide – RUB 93.5 per one tonne;

    • suspended particles PM10 – RUB 93.5 per one tonne;

    • suspended particles PM 2.5 – RUB 182.4 per one tonne;

2. Discharge of polluting substances into water bodies

    • Barium – RUB 850 per one tonne;

    • Benzopyrene – RUB 73553403 per one tonne;

    • 1,2-dichloroethane – RUB 7355.9 per one tonne;

    • Petrochemicals – RUB 14711.7 per one tonne; etc.

3. Waste disposal fees

    • Class I wastes (extremely hazardous) – RUB 4643.7 per one tonne;

    • Class II wastes (very hazardous) – RUB 1990.2 per one tonne;

    • Class III wastes (moderately hazardous) – RUB 1327 per one tonne;

    • Class IV wastes (lowly hazardous) – RUB 663.2 per one tonne; etc.

In addition, the fee rates for the emission of black coal dust by stationary air emission sources are set as RUB 61 per one tonne.

Law: Decree No. 1393 of 11 September 2020 on the Use in 2021 of Environmental Pollution Fee Rates