Ukraine: Approved the form of the conformity mark and the marking procedure

As of 10 February 2016, manufacturers and importers of products that are subject to Technical Regulations, must ensure that the conformity mark placed on such products is in compliance with the requirements pertaining to its form and size as well as the marking rules. The form of the mark has basically remained the same compared to the previous version of the rules. The new rules, however, provide for the possibility to decrease the height of the mark if the relevant Technical Regulation so permits.

The mark must be put on the product before the product is placed on the market. The mark may be accompanied by another pictogram or sign specifying a particular risk or user requirements. The mark must also be accompanied by the identification number of the accredited conformity assessment body, if such body was involved at the stage of product manufacture.


Decree No. 1184 of 30 December 2015 on the Approval of the Mark of Conformity to Technical Regulations as well as its Description and Marking Rules enters into force on the same date as the Law of Ukraine on Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment which is 10 February 2016.