Ukraine: Law on Organic Food Production, Circulation and Labelling

Manufacturers and importers of “organic” food are required, as of 2 August 2019, to comply with the provisions of the Law on organic food production and labelling if they are intending to place organic products on the Ukrainian market.

“Organic products” are defined as agricultural products, including food and feedstuffs manufactured during organic food production process.

Organic food production must be certified for compliance with the organic food production process requirements applicable in Ukraine.

Organic product manufacturing process must be certified every year.

All products marked with the official Ukrainian “organic” product logotype or any text saying “organic”, “bio”, “eco” or any other words with the same derivatives in any languages, must be made by a certified organic food production process and have valid “organic production” certificates.

Law: Principles and Requirements for Organic Food Production, Circulation and Labelling, Law of Ukraine No. 2496-VIII dated 10 July 2018