UZBEKISTAN: Adopted safety requirements for printed products intended for schoolchildren

As of 29 December 2022, books and other printed products intended to be used at schools (including preschools) are required to comply with the adopted safety requirements.

All products for schools have been classified into the following categories, based on the school year:

-          1- 4 school years;

-          5-9 school years; and

-          10-11 school years.

The requirements also set out the maximum weight for one text book as follows:

-          For 1-4 year students – up to 300 g;

-          For 5-6 year students – up to 400 g;

-          For 7-9 year students – up to 500 g;

-          For 10-11 year students – up to 600 g.

 Law:  Technical Regulation on the Safety of Printed Products Intended for Schools, adopted by Decree No. 726 of 28 December 2022

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