Uzbekistan: Penalties will increase for environmental and product compliance offences

Environmental offences

State Ecology Committee has published draft amendments to the Administrative Offences Code of Uzbekistan (CAO). If adopted, these amendments will result in an increase of financial penalties for a number of environmental offences.

In particular, the increase of penalties is expected for the following offences:

  • Breach of ownership rights to natural resources (Article 60 of CAO)
  • Breach of subsoil protection and use requirements (Article 70 CAO)
  • Breach of water resources protection requirements (Article 72 CAO)
  • Breach of water use and water consumption requirements (Article 74 CAO)
  • Breach of state water resources record-keeping requirements (Article 75 CAO)

Product compliance offences 

Agency of Standardisation, Metrology and Certification of Uzbekistan has proposed to clarify Article 212 CAO. The amended Article would clearly state that breach of technical regulations and standards is an administrative offence.  Presently, Article 212 only creates an administrative offence for breaches of standard provisions.