Moldova: Adopted Regulation on Waste Oil Management

As of 25 May 2023, manufacturers and importers of technical oils are required to comply with the waste oil management requirements, including the extended producer responsibility (EPR) requirements. 

The EPR framework in Moldova has been set out by Law on Wastes, No. 209 of 2016. 

Regulation No. 731 of 26 October 2022 partially transposes into the law of Moldova the Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 November 2008 on waste and repealing certain Directives (“the Waste Framework Directive”).

According to the Regulation, waste oils are considered hazardous wastes and must be managed in accordance with the Law of Moldova on Wastes (No. 209/2016).

Waste oil management is the responsibility of producers.

“Oil producer” is any company or individual that manufactures, places on the market, sells or resells oils regardless of the sales method, any mineral, synthetic lubricants or technical oils.

All producers must register themselves as oil producers via the automated information system called “Waste Management”.

All existing oil producers must register themselves within 3 months from the date the Regulation enters into force (i.e. 3 months from 25 May 2023).

New oil producers must register themselves within 3 months from the moment they start an activity that involves placing oils on the market in Moldova.

Producers can fulfil the EPR requirements individually or by joining a collective compliance scheme.

The Regulation further sets additional obligations on oil producers, including the obligation to ensure separate collection of waste oils, transportation of waste oils, and other waste oil management requirements.

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