Russia: Draft law aims to introduce identification labelling for mineral and drinking water

Manufacturers and importers of mineral and drinking water may have to label their products with identification marking. Draft law that would introduce an experiment for ID marking of drinking and mineral water was published by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The experiment would take place from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020.

The aim of the experiment is to try the mechanisms for applying identification marks on mineral and drinking water. The purpose of identification marks is to prevent any unlawful circulation of mineral and drinking water, including the circulation of counterfeit products.

Manufacturers and importers of mineral and drinking water would be able to voluntary participate in the experiment.

Similar experiments are currently running for perfumery, pneumatic tyres, some types of machinery, electronic products, children products, etc.

Mandatory identification marking will soon start for products like footwear and some other products for which a similar experiment has been conducted.